Headed to Maine

Tomorrow we are heading up to the great state of Maine for Madeline’s first road trip. We have some lighthouses and quaint little towns we both want to see, and I had some vacation days I needed to use or lose. We’re staying in Bar Harbor and hoping to do a lot of walking in Acadia National Park, but I’m hoping to make it to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Bangor and maybe Caribou if we’re really adventurous.

Madeline had a doctor’s appointment today – she’s gained 6 ounces in 4 days; our little porker is now 11 & 4. She’ll be onto solid foods in no time! 🙂

A few pictures to share today. This one is the best facial expression yet. Nicole calls this her “Bashful Buzzard.” I think she’s pooping. Or just finished.

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A photo shoot is worth, well, something

We had our newborn photo shoot with Madeline this morning down in South County. No, I don’t have 400 pictures to share. In fact I only have one from the whole shoot – I was reprimanded for even pulling out my phone in between shoots. Which I get in principle. But seriously. This is the high quality picture I got that’s going to put her out of business, allegedly:

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Madeline is 10 days old

Madeline’s sleeping habits are stabilizing, becoming a lot more predictable. Three nights in a row she has given us four hour stretches of sleep. We’re also better able to predict her poops: basically every time she eats or sneezes. She smiles often, and I think it is a combination of gas, and how awesome we are.

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