Say cheese!

Today I kind of got Madeline to smile:

She’s wearing a cute onesie we received from Jon, Krista & Melody.

This was not the outfit she started out in today, though. Oh, no. This morning I was changing her and just as I pulled her diaper back she let go with two laser beams. All over her clothes, my clothes, all the way up my arm, she even got the door *and* the floor. It’s really quite amazing how much torque this little girl has. It wasn’t the first time she’s pooped on me and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I guess the phrase on the onesie is absolutely true – if anyone else had pooped on me like that, the last thing I’d be doing is making them smile and taking their picture.

Last night I played volleyball for the first night of the season. It was great getting back out there and shaking the rust off. We went to Not Your Average Joe’s for food and cards afterward – quite possibly one of my worst dining experiences ever. Sadly it is one of our few choices since we have a “gluten-free” in the group.

Today we took our little peanut to The Big Apple Farm to get some homemade donuts (we also ended up coming home with some pie). Then we went over to Michelle’s to pick up a bassinet (sp?) and visit with Henry. Only the bassinet doesn’t fit in my stupid GLK. So Nicole is taking the Murano over there now to pick it up. On the way back home, Lizard took this picture – she’s cute even when she’s pissed, isn’t she?

She does like the car seat though. At least when the car is moving.