Madeline’s first bath

Yesterday her bellybutton fell off (finally!) and we were able to get Madeline wet. (Apparently, though, we were supposed to wait.) She seemed a little, um, apprehensive about this process in any case:

Pissed about the tub

Yes, we did take her diaper off before we hosed her down. We were just testing out the little “infant sling” in the tub and whether it would support our little 10 pounder (10 pounds, 3 ounces, to be precise). Anyway, she seemed to enjoy the bath in the end.

Some other random shots from the last couple of days:

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  1. Pepe says:

    “Madeline’s first bath” makes it sound like it’s the first time she’s been cleaned since birth, some 19 days ago. But that’s not the case…correct?? My little granddaughter is always clean and smelling sweet!!!