Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Spent yesterday up at SQL Saturday #146 in Nashua, NH. Today was a nice lazy day at home. I left only to drive Scott to the airport, then to go pick up this box of bean sprouts Chinese take-out from Asia Grille in Lincoln:

Awesome box, right?

Monique, Lis, Jackson, Michelle, Henry, Eddy and Doreen all came over to watch the Patriots game. Eddy also helped me finally chainsaw the crap out of the two ugly drooping pines in the front yard. Madeline was making some interesting poses in Monique’s arms:

I’m not sure if she really enjoys pooping, enjoys getting changed, or both. She always seems more alert and content on the changing table:

We found out through trial and error that one of the few ways Madeline will fall asleep is when we hold her in this weird cradle position:

But let’s be honest, if she’s tired, she can fall asleep wherever: