Madeline at home

Madeline hiccups a lot. I’m not concerned about this, I just feel bad – sometimes it seems to scare her.

She’s also very sensitive to sudden sounds. Poor Kirby is going to need a bark deterrent of some kind.

But the best thing: she is a sneeze-pooper… Several times now she has sneezed while in the process of being changed, and projectile pooped onto the wall, the dresser, her clothes, Nicole, and anything else within firing range.

We had visits from Pepe, Beauger and Lizard. There is some internal family strife with Pepe and Lizard – they fight constantly about who gets to hold her, how long they’ve held her, and their feelings of discontent when they arrive and the other’s car is already in the driveway.

She sleeps a whole lot. And she likes her swing (though we can’t use the lights because they drive Quigley bonkers).

Uncle Beauger

4 Responses

  1. Kristy says:

    STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Precious.

  2. Krista says:

    Can you post pics and updates around the clock? Can’t get enough!

  3. andysutorius says:

    Good times!!!

    Unfortunately, we had to get rid of our beloved cocker spaniel Sterling when Alexis was two. Sterling snipped at Alexis multiple times. We had to do something, thank goodness a good friend and coworker was able to adopt Sterling.

  4. Eric Picard says:

    Sneeze pooper – I hate when I do that!