Madeline is 10 days old

Madeline’s sleeping habits are stabilizing, becoming a lot more predictable. Three nights in a row she has given us four hour stretches of sleep. We’re also better able to predict her poops: basically every time she eats or sneezes. She smiles often, and I think it is a combination of gas, and how awesome we are.

It’s also very cool to be able to use a human being as a bribe… The last time her dad wanted to come over, Nicole told him that he was welcome only if he helped me put up motion detector lights on the front of the house. That’s not true of course, but we got the lights up in any case.

Yesterday we took her out in public for the first time since coming home from the hospital. We had an exciting trip to Target, Babies R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Mostly in search of elusive newborn Patriots gear, but also to get her some fresh air and to try out her stroller. And to learn a little responsibility – we caught ourselves a couple of times wandering a few feet away from the stroller. I’m just as glad to not get the attention, but I have to admit I was a little surprised that not one person throughout our entire journey commented on her – or even looked in her direction.

Then we had folks over for the Patriots’ game. And everyone brought tons of food that will last us a week. Michelle and Henry brought a crock pot full of pasta and sausage. Lizard and Beauger brought homemade calzones and pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. Sue and Tim brought guacamole and brownies. Eddy grilled up some chicken wings. And we are all still full.

Tomorrow we have a photo shoot in South County. I can only hope the photographer can capture how stunning our little girl really is.