A photo shoot is worth, well, something

We had our newborn photo shoot with Madeline this morning down in South County. No, I don’t have 400 pictures to share. In fact I only have one from the whole shoot – I was reprimanded for even pulling out my phone in between shoots. Which I get in principle. But seriously. This is the high quality picture I got that’s going to put her out of business, allegedly:

Anyway, what an adventure. It was hot as balls in there (I get that too; they want to make the baby toasty, and therefore sleepy, and therefore posable and pliable). And Madeline just didn’t want to play nice. Usually she’s very sleepy during the day, but not today. She fussed about food; Nicole fed her two sips of formula, and she threw up all over us (we are beginning to suspect she may be allergic, btw). She fed from the real source three times. She peed through two or three cotton diapers and pooped through another. We finally did get her settled down and took some pictures that I think will turn out fantastic. We shall see.

Doing laundry tonight, and I’m realizing one thing I love about washing baby clothes vs. adult clothes: I don’t have to check the pockets for dollar bills, receipts and other junk that will mess up the laundry doo-hickeys. Just toss it in and press go. Nice.

Just a couple of shots today, other than the grainy unfocused mess above.

2 Responses

  1. LOL, too funny! Madeline is perfect, Aaron! Congrats!

  2. Pepe says:

    Isn’t Nicole a beautiful young woman, and an equally beautiful mother? Brings tears to my eyes!