Madeline : Day 3

Today was a little quieter for our little girl. Lots of commotion in the morning but a relatively uneventful afternoon and evening. She’s getting the hang of the whole eating thing, and her ability to control her temper (well, somewhat) is proof of this.

Oh and Michelle brought me Five Guys. Thanks Michelle!

The lo-jack slipped off her ankle – I didn’t even notice it happening, I just lifted her out of the bassinet and there it was. Which makes me a little curious about how secure these things really are. I was insistent on going with Madeline anytime the staff took her anywhere anyway, so I wasn’t concerned about her getting swiped away, but it obviously can’t be that hard to defeat if it can slip off without me even noticing.

Tomorrow we get to bring her home. Discharge is at 11:00, but allegedly all the paperwork and security stretches that into at least an hour-long process. I got ahead of at least some of the mayhem tonight though by pulling the car around and having the hospital install and validate the car seat. Yes, I could have installed it myself, but I’d rather leave that to someone who is certified to do so as opposed to just “figuring it out.”

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  1. Kristy says:

    Aaron and Nicole,

    I love her expressions! We cannot wait to meet her 😉 That is GREAT that she is getting
    the hang of eating. That was a major source of stress for us and I would not wish that on anyone. Well done, you two! It sounds like you are making a great team.

    Eddie looks so happy in the pics. I’m sure he and Doreen are over the moon.

    Love you guys.
    Kristy and Scott