Madeline’s 2nd day was a busy one

I tried to shower at the hospital this morning. Really, I did. But I failed to distract the one 5th floor nurse’s attention away from the clear anguish of returning a fake Gucci purse to some shady online retailer. So I drove home, and that was that turned out in my favor anyway – better water pressure, a shower head higher than my own head, and a nice big oversized bath towel. Also got a short burst of beagle time.

Hit Dunks and came back to the hospital just before noon. Changed several poopy diapers in the past 24 hours, including one very impressive poopsplosion. I can’t claim credit for that word – first heard from our friends Nate & Jen.

At around noon, the visitors started. Monique, Lis, Michelle, Doreen, Eddy, Jeff and Lizard, all taking turns holding and interacting with our little girl. Some stayed for parts of the Patriots game, some for all. I’m sure nobody liked the 13″ screen, but even if only marginally, it beats listening on the radio only. At 4:00 Jason and Ly came by. They each spent some time with Madeline and, almost as importantly, brought some homemade chocolate chip cookies that you just wouldn’t believe. Nicole asked if they sprinkled them with Himala salt, and I said no, it must be the best-tasting crack ever.

Things quieted down around dinner. Then Nicole got creative with her camera, and took these shots. I thought I would share.

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  1. denisgobo says:

    Glad you are all doing well and you are enjoying being a father…it only gets better from here