Baby SheBert’s room is almost ready…

It only took us 8 months, and we still have a couple of little fixes to make, but I’m happy to say that yesterday we declared our daughter’s room “ready.” We still need to fasten the changing pad to the dresser, and either move the crib out about a foot from the window or take out those vertical blinds completely. But otherwise, things are looking great! The room and closet are filled with many blankets and clothes from very generous friends and family.



Nicole’s dad helped us convert an eccentric plug-in light to a hard-wired fixture:



Thanks so much to everyone who has helped along the way – not just with the room and its contents but for helping in so many other ways too.

Now the room is just missing one important thing…

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  1. Aspen says:

    I can’t wait for the safe arrival of my friend!