February 2023 – One Year Closer to 50; Remembering a Legend

Welp, I turned 49.

And that’s enough about that.

Moving on, it’s been more than 5 years, and I still choke up a little when I think about Gord. The Hip is always rotated into my playlist, but recently I’ve been branching out into a few other mix-ins, including some great Bobcaygeon covers:

There was a great tribute sequence at the Junos in 2018 (City and Colour – Bobcaygeon about 5 minutes in):

But Raine Maida steals my heart every time. Watching him sing Ballad of a Poet, especially in intimate acoustic settings, you can just see all of that emotion in his face throughout the performance. None more so than this session at Paste:

This line alone captures the essence of what Gord and his music has meant to me:

Something magical, the crowd was unprepared

And then I circle back to some less famous works by Gord himself, including Introduce Yerself.

Continue resting in peace, you absolute f*cking legend.