Honored… to not win a trophy

Last week, I blogged about my Leadership Award for writing 200 tips at MSSQLTips.com. I’m pretty proud of that award, as it represents a lot of work over a dozen years, and I know I have helped countless people improve their skillsets.

This morning, I got a text from my lifelong friend, Jonathan Corbett, that might have made me downright teary.

First, some background.

Back in 2010, we inadvertently started an annual tradition by getting together in March, in a little curling rink in Powassan, Ontario. Just a small friends & family potluck bonspiel to hang out with people we can’t see often. We had so much fun at the first one that we immediately declared we would do it every year. We held to that commitment, until Covid – the last event was March 2020, and we got back just before the Canadian border closed.

(I’ve blogged about this tournament before – here is a recap from 2015 and a recap from 2014.)

Before long, Jon had a unique trophy made that we could use to celebrate the winners. He called it “The Can/Am Cup” and – similar to the Stanley Cup – whoever wins the trophy gets to take it home, put their team’s names on a nameplate, and have bragging rights until we get back together the next time. Here is how the trophy looked in the early days, before we had to add another level:

CAN/AM Cup v1.0

This trophy has been the source of some major emotion, almost exclusively from me. Because here’s the thing: after all these years, I still haven’t won. Here is some of that emotion after losing in the finals in 2020:

Sore Loser

I’ve come in second place at least 6 years running. It’s the running joke every year. Nicole is on the trophy 5 or 6 times; maybe more – it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. Even Andy Mallon was on a winning team after wiping out and going to the hospital in the first end. And Nick and Ken too. But not me.

Nicole and Andy, representing

I mean look at them; they think they’re so cool, winning trophies and taking names:

Cool people

Since the pandemic took over all of our lives, there’s been a lot less salt in the wound, because nobody else can win either. I met up with Jon in Los Angeles this year to attend the Super Bowl, and I’m sure I once again laid on the guilt during our many conversations. “One of these years you all just have to let me win, so I can finally get my name on the damned thing!” I think when his Rams won – in their home stadium and with their #1 fan in attendance – something must have struck him.

Fast forward to this morning’s text (click to enlarge):

The Aaron Bertrand CAN/AM Cup

Look closely: this dear friend of mine actually renamed the trophy “The Aaron Bertrand CAN/AM Cup.” Yeah, I’m speechless. And I have won. Who needs to win the damned thing, anyway? Maybe in 2023. History of winners:

Nicole Bertrand(1)
Steve Horsman(1)
Jim Kelly(1)
Luc Plourde(1)
Nicole Bertrand(2)
Krista Corbett(1)
Michelle LeBlanc(1)
Liz Shakell(1)
Ron Vanier(1)
Nicole Bertrand(3)
Todd Bertrand(1)
Peter Lapierre(1)
Jeff Beaudry(1)
Jonathan Corbett(1)
Derek Kalverda(1)
Mark Webster(1)
Todd Bertrand(2)
Steve Horsman(2)
Stef L(1)
Scott MacDonald(1)
Nicole Bertrand(4)
Jonathan Corbett(2)
Petra Evans(1)
Steve Horsman(2)
Nicole Bertrand(5)
Jonathan Corbett(3)
Krista Corbett(2)
Hayden Malette(1)
Liz Shakell(2)
2016 Doubles
Jonathan Corbett(4)
Terry Shakell(1)
Nicole Bertrand(5)
Jonathan Corbett(5)
Lori Flood(1)
Nick Harshbarger(1)
Andrew Belcoski(1)
Kirk Evans(1)
Petra Evans(2)
Andy Mallon(1)
Petra Evans(3)
Julie Malette(1)
Liz Shakell(3)
James Waite(1)
Nicole Bertrand(6)
Jonathan Corbett(6)
Melody Corbett(1)
Ken Mallon(1)
Liz Shakell(4)
Jonathan Corbett(7)
Petra Evans(4)
Andy Mallon(2)
{ March 23rd }