Halloween 2013

For Halloween this year we decided to act as if Madeline and Henry were twins or siblings (as they pretty much are) and dress them up as a costumed pair. At first, we planned on dressing them as an elephant and a peanut (which was perfect for our little “peanut”), however, the one and only peanut costume I could find on the web looked a little bit phallic, so we had to come with a plan B. Plan B was Pebbles and Bam-Bam… but Bam-Bam’s costume was not up to snuff… so we finally landed on Pebbles and Triceratops, which was still on theme, right???

The kids had a great time…once we were able to wrangle them into their costumes. Mem came bearing gifts–lollipops!–which the kids ate right up (pun intended). I’m still sticking to the floor…and doorknobs…and random pieces of clothing…but hey, it’s only Halloween once a year, right??

Anyways, the kids were in awe of the children showing up to the door in their costumes, but after the initial shock wore off they were happy to help us distribute candy. Then we took them to a few houses to trick or treat. I’m pretty sure they had no idea what was going on, but we did, and we loved it! It’s exciting to think of how Halloween is going to get exponentially better each year as the kids grow up and are more aware of what it is.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Dino Up Close


Mem Pepe and Kids

Mom and Dino

Mom and Pebbles

Packing Face

Pebbles Up Close 2

Pebbles Up Close

Pepe and Pebbles


Smiles 2


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