A quick update on Kirby’s progress

Just wanted to give a quick update on Kirby. He came home on Saturday night – much to the delight of Quigley, who had been rather lethargic in his absence. A few pics (click any for slightly larger):

Yes, Quigley still looks kind of lethargic, but I think he understands, to some extent, that Kirby is not well and does not need to be wired for sound. Kirby, too, seems to be starting to understand his limitations. We believe he over-exerted himself the first couple of days and is now giving us better indication that he wants our help eating, going outside, etc.

The 80-90% recovery is a long way off, and I haven’t really slept since he came home; I’ll spare you from the reasons. But this morning, after arguably his roughest night yet, he made his trademark head tilt a few times. If you haven’t seen this, you really need to. I will try to post some video evidence soon. Seeing him display this behavior in his current condition is definitely uplifting.

I want to send out a very heartfelt thanks to everyone who has had Kirby in their thoughts. The outpouring of love and support from friends, family, co-workers and the SQL community (a.k.a. #SQLFamily) has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated! I can only hope that we never have to repay the favor, at least not specifically.