CanAm Cup 2015

This weekend we had our first full-family road trip since Nora was born. The occasion? Our annual curling pilgrimage. What a blast! While I finished second for at least the 5th year in a row (and I still don’t have my name on our coveted trophy), I had a fantastic time with a bunch of great friends and family, and I feel like the overall quality of the curling has skyrocketed too. The curling club loves having us take over their joint for the day, and has already asked us for next year’s date so they can book us in before anyone else.

Anyway, here are a few shots from the event:







(That says “Second Place Trophy” – nice Dan!)


Thank you North Bay, by the way, for the balmy weather to send us off (that’s °F, not °C):


Can Am Cup 2014

Last weekend, we headed up to Canada for the 7th annual Can Am Cup. The trip didn’t start off great – Nicole got a ticket in New York State, not far from her debacle a few years ago. I was kind of surprised we even got pulled over; she was going 78 in a 65. Usually they don’t even blink until you’re well over 80.

Other than that, the trip up was largely uneventful. Splitting the driving up between three drivers makes it go pretty quickly, and having a good little traveler who tolerates brief stops helps too.

Curling day was cold.


We had a lot of fun – four teams in a round robin, everyone finished 2-1.

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