About this bertrand

I grew up in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, and received a double degree (Business / Economics) from Nipissing University in 1997. That same year I moved to Newport, RI to work for an advertising startup, and now am a Staff Database Reliability Engineer at Stack Overflow.

I have been a Microsoft MVP since 1997 – first awarded for Active Server Pages, and currently for SQL Server. I have presented at various user groups, SQL Saturdays, and code camps, as well as larger conferences such as SQL Bits and PASS Summit. I have contributed chapters to both MVP Deep Dives projects (volume 1, with all author royalties going to War Child International, and volume 2, with all author royalties going to Operation Smile), and try to help people interactively on sites like Stack Overflow.

I blog about SQL Server over at sqlblog.org. I started this blog because I didn’t really have a place to write about non-techy things.

Nerd stuff aside

I am married to a beautiful, wonderful woman named Nicole. We have two girls, Madeline (2012) and Nora (2014). I used to play a lot of volleyball and now all of my physical activity is curling once a year and screaming at the TV every Sunday.