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About this bertrand

I grew up in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, and received a double degree (Business / Economics) from Nipissing University in 1997. That same year I moved to Newport, RI to work for startup Bluestreak, which was later acquired in part by One to One Interactive (and has since become Sparkline Digital), where I worked as a Senior Data Architect until October 2010. I now live in Woonsocket, RI, and am absolutely loving my role as Senior Consultant at SQL Sentry, Inc., providers of Performance Advisor, Event Manager, and the free Plan Explorer tool.

I have been a Microsoft MVP since 1997 – first awarded for Active Server Pages, and currently for SQL Server. I have presented at various user groups, SQL Saturdays, and code camps, as well as larger conferences such as two SQL Rally events, several SQL Bits conferences, and both SQL Connections and the PASS Summit. I have contributed chapters to both MVP Deep Dives projects (volume 1, with all author royalties going to War Child International, and volume 2, with all author royalties going to Operation Smile), and try to help people interactively on sites like StackOverflow and dba.StackExchange as well as on the twitter hash tag #sqlhelp (I tweet as @AaronBertrand).

I blog about SQL Server over at I started this blog at first just to have a place to host images, overcoming severe limitations in Community Server functionality. But I still found I didn’t really have a place to blog about things non-SQL – at least not without declaring posts as off-topic and cluttering folks’ readers with non-SQL-related noise. So here I am, where I can feel free to talk about other technology, customer service, dumb drivers, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Nerd stuff aside

I am married to a beautiful and wonderful woman named Nicole. We are expecting our first child, a girl, in September 2012. If I don’t get around to updating this immediately after she’s born, you’ll have to forgive me, I might be a little busy. We travel as much as we can, but in a few short months that is going to have to be cut back quite a bit. 🙂

I play a lot of volleyball, still own a decent pair of ice skates, and have a lot of fun keeping our two beagles in line. For those of you who have read about Kirby’s accident, he is doing quite well and shows almost no signs of ever going through all of that. (We’ve added an electric K-9 fence in addition to the physical fence, so we don’t ever have to go through that hell again.)


  1. Hey,
    Saw your post on your old blog about the mac pro you couldn’t connect to an 802.11n network… You probably already figured out that you could check the network card info in the Network Utility (found in Utilities) and probably also found that your card was not N compliant… I was wondering if you were able to fix it as I am experiencing the exact issue… My Airport Extreme card is only a/b/g compliant and I can’t install the N enabler because its telling me “your computer does not meet the hardware requirements”… Im on Lion. If you know of a solution or have a link, anything will help at this point.

    1. Hi James, you’re testing my memory now. Pretty sure I was able to get the enabler working, but I forget the order of operations. I may have used a direct ethernet cable temporarily, but later switched to Verizon FiOS and a different router – I actually use an Airport Extreme (and Express) in my house now, and haven’t had any of the issues I had experienced before. I no longer have the Mac Pro directly wired, so it is certainly using the Airport Extreme. Funny if an N router wasn’t also capable of downlevel support for A/B/G…

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