Scenes from Bergen, Norway – Part 2

Flying into Bergen reminded me of flying into Seattle, except all those hills and islands were bare and green instead of peppered with houses over every square inch. There is no practical way to get to all of those islands during a short stay, but I was still invigorated this morning.

I got up before everyone, it seems, on this sunny Monday morning. I took another walk by the listing Bryggen buildings and then explored some other little nooks and crannies in Bergen.




I promise that’s the last picture of the friggin’ Bryggen!

Here is Den Norsk Kirke (Johanneskirken), the Lutheran Church of Norway, first framed by the lower square (Bohrs Gate) and then all on its own.



This is Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie, standing in front of the Bergen Museum. Christie founded the museum in 1825 near the end of his run in parliament, and later served on the city council.

Wilhelm Christie

And this is Christian Michelsen, Norway’s first prime minister.

Christian Michelsen

I walked through Nygårdsparken and came across this statue of a girl and a goat:


And I spotted this touching memorial in the sidewalk in front of an otherwise normal house:


Then I wandered aimlessly in the general direction of the train station, so I could start the epic trek back to Oslo.