It’s almost December

…and that means a whole lot of things.

We went to Michelle and Henry’s for Thanksgiving. We had a great meal, laughed at the collective ineptitude of Tony Romo and Ryan Sanchez, and celebrated a huge Patriots victory. A few pictures of Henry and Madeline:

Madeline is getting ready for her first Merrimack game where she’ll cheer on her Auntie Monique who is the head coach for the Women’s Basketball team:

And we’re starting to get into the Christmas spirit, which is Nicole’s favorite time of year. Aaron? Not so much. He’s none too happy that Thanksgiving came early this year…which meant the tree went up a week early as well:

Here’s Madeline hanging her “Baby’s First Christmas” rattle ornament (Thanks Lorna M!):

Her hair is starting to grow, so much that she’s starting to sport a faux-hawk. This is certainly not a very convincing example, but trust, me it’s awesome.

And no, we haven’t forgotten about our boys, Kirby and Quigley, who are doing quite well with the new baby in the house. They had a vet visit today; they have both shed three pounds and were given a clean bill of health. And they still sleep like ying and yang:

Ying & Yang

A couple of videos…

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