A photo shoot is worth, well, something

We had our newborn photo shoot with Madeline this morning down in South County. No, I don’t have 400 pictures to share. In fact I only have one from the whole shoot – I was reprimanded for even pulling out my phone in between shoots. Which I get in principle. But seriously. This is the high quality picture I got that’s going to put her out of business, allegedly:

Anyway, what an adventure. Continue reading

Madeline is 10 days old

Madeline’s sleeping habits are stabilizing, becoming a lot more predictable. Three nights in a row she has given us four hour stretches of sleep. We’re also better able to predict her poops: basically every time she eats or sneezes. She smiles often, and I think it is a combination of gas, and how awesome we are.

It’s also very cool to be able to use a human being as a bribe… Continue reading

Madeline : Home at last!

Today we were finally able to bring our daughter home. Huzzah! It was another busy day – discharge took a lot longer than I expected.

Of course, just as we were paperworked up and ready to leave, Madeline decided to blow a poop right out the back of her diaper – onto the outfit I was just putting her into. So we had to scramble to change her and unpack a new outfit. Nothing like making a hectic day a little more hectic!

Michelle brought Henry over so that he could meet his new little cousin. (Women & Infants has a strict policy of no children on the newborn floor except direct siblings.) He’s four months old – and about four times her size! She also got to meet her Aunt Casey over Skype.

Anyway, it is nice to finally have both Nicole and Madeline home.

Madeline : Day 3

Today was a little quieter for our little girl. Lots of commotion in the morning but a relatively uneventful afternoon and evening. She’s getting the hang of the whole eating thing, and her ability to control her temper (well, somewhat) is proof of this.

Oh and Michelle brought me Five Guys. Thanks Michelle!

The lo-jack slipped off her ankle – I didn’t even notice it happening, I just lifted her out of the bassinet and there it was. Which makes me a little curious about how secure these things really are. I was insistent on going with Madeline anytime the staff took her anywhere anyway, so I wasn’t concerned about her getting swiped away, but it obviously can’t be that hard to defeat if it can slip off without me even noticing.

Tomorrow we get to bring her home. Discharge is at 11:00, but allegedly all the paperwork and security stretches that into at least an hour-long process. I got ahead of at least some of the mayhem tonight though by pulling the car around and having the hospital install and validate the car seat. Yes, I could have installed it myself, but I’d rather leave that to someone who is certified to do so as opposed to just “figuring it out.”